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Vegetable Processing IQF Freezer

specifications:IQF freezer
Place of Origin:Shanghai China


Detailed Product Description 

Vegetable & fruit &seafood iqf freezer machine:

It is widely used in quick-freezing strip, cubic or grain food, such as shrimp meat, shrimp, sliced fish, meat dumpling, divided meat, pig tongue, chicken, asparagus and yam. It saves energy and is convenient in cleaning and maintenance.


1. There are 3 choices for conveying belt, imported high-intensity stainless steel belt, mesh belt and stainless steel spring net belt. The spring net belt equipment adopted with the wave-vibration device which help to achieve the monomer freezing.

2. Short freezing time, adopted the good effect cross-ventilation, with the freozen time 3 to 60 mins.

3. Matched with double speed electric motor, widen the use bound as well as saving the energy.

4. Air blower is divided into cross blast from right and left, mixed blast and top blast according to different frozen products which makes perfect freezing, quality and efficiency

5. The equipment is manufactured with the frequency conversion double level drivers system. Each of the driver system can work in gear when some malfunction with the other driver system or frequency conversion drivers system, the speed can be changed in certain range.

7. The air cooler complete manufactured with aluminum duct and aluminum sheath which improve the sanitation standard and the freezing efficiency.

8. The periphery body heat preservation system is manufactured with pllyamine double-surface stainless steel. With the traits of good heat insulation, artistic but unaffected outline.